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To our friends Brothers and Sisters Knights of Cairns ...

Dernière mise à jour : 25 juin 2021

Dear Cairns Cep Knights, Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers,

We wholeheartedly stand with you at the magnitude of the disaster that your country has experienced. We bear witness to our great desolation in the face of this tragedy that has overwhelmed you and hope that these few words will bring you some comfort...

Our thoughts are with all of you and in the trials you are going through. We admire your great courage and determination to put out all these fires.

Where to start if not with this terrible feeling of helplessness... in the face of this human and ecological catastrophe.

Our thoughts are with those men and women who fought this raging fire, towards those people who have lost everything. Our pain is unbearable for these men and women for wildlife and vegetation our dismay is immeasurable.

It's not Australia that burns, it's our heart...

We are with you... Respect, friendship and solidarity for the Australian firefighters who fought for months against the scourge that ravaged your beautiful country

May courage and strength help Australians, let Mother Nature calm her anger and let everyone regain serenity.

Dear Australians, Dear Knights of the Cairns, the Knights of Cep and the Grand Master of the Order send you all their energy and support, wishing that this year 2020 will bring you better days.